Strategic Objectives

Conquering the international market with Vietnamese businesses

Global e-commerce connectivity brings many benefits to both businesses and consumers, promoting economic development and international integration. For businesses, global connectivity helps expand markets, reach potential customers, enhance product and service quality, and strengthen brand recognition... However, barriers such as language, culture, sales knowledge, and international market business strategies remain concerns for every Vietnamese business and seller.

Understanding this, and also recognizing the competitive advantages in both quantity and quality of Vietnamese brands, the confidence, and the youthful enthusiasm of the team of domestic individual sellers, TTD Ecom - a strategic partner of Amazon Global Selling Vietnam, aims to bridge the gap, bringing Vietnamese intellect and products closer to global customers.

With a team of experienced experts and understanding of the international e-commerce market, TTD Ecom confidently provides comprehensive solutions to help Vietnamese businesses and sellers break through in the Internet era, the borderless era.

Prominent Industries

Home Decor and Kitchen

Fashion and Jewelry

Automotive Accessories

Core values

Specialized in Marketing gift/consumer products on international e-commerce platforms

We make it our mission to optimize product access and marketing on global e-commerce platforms. Expertise in this field helps TTD Ecom grasp market trends and understand the needs of international customers.

Combining creativity and data analysis

We combine creativity in designing marketing strategies and the ability to analyze data to measure effectiveness. This helps optimize your marketing strategy, increase customer engagement, and maximize campaign performance.

Create sustainable value for partners

We not only focus on product marketing, but we also build sustainable partnerships with sellers, suppliers, manufacturers and e-commerce platforms. Transparency, honesty and commitment are important factors that help create long-term value for both parties.

Innovation and flexibility

TTD Ecom is always innovative and flexible in its approach and marketing of products on international e-commerce platforms. This flexibility helps respond quickly to changes in the market and create new opportunities.

Core Values

Dedication, Integrity, Innovation.


To become the bridge between Vietnamese sellers and businesses with the international market.


To be among the top conglomerates in various industries and fields in global commerce in Vietnam.

Expert Team

Mac Bien

Our Founder & CEO is a leading expert in multi-channel sales, bringing breakthrough and success to businesses.

Phan Thanh

A reliable Marketing expert, with the ability to optimize processes and ensure maximum operational efficiency.

Nguyen Thinh

Experienced Account Manager specializing in registration, brand management, and account management.

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