Alongside a team of experts and instructors with over 7 years of experience, TTD Ecom Academy commits to providing the most practical teaching curriculum, empowering Vietnamese individuals/businesses to confidently expand their cross-border business ventures.

Target Audience

Manufacturers / Businesses

Want to understand and seize cross-border e-commerce business opportunities on Amazon.

Already conducting business on Amazon and want to learn and operate Amazon effectively.

Individuals / Teams

Already in business but lack structured experience, skills, or ineffective business on Amazon.

Already engaged in domestic e-commerce and want to expand into international markets.


  1. Taught directly, providing the most practical learning experience for students.
  2. Actively engage with lectures, materials, with 50% of lectures being examples, practical exercises to help students visualize and apply concepts.
  3. With a team of senior specialists who have practical experience on the Amazon platform, students will be trained with the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and practical curriculum possible.
  4. Receive regular support and answers to questions through the TTD ECOM ACADEMY instructor/student community. Connect with a community of businesses and individuals with the same direction, sharing experiences, and supporting each other.
  5. Long-term collaboration opportunities with TTD ECOM, we always look forward to being part of your journey to conquer international e-commerce.

Training Types

training.type.content1 = Deep training and consultancy on Product selection & expansion, Efficient Amazon business operations, and Brand building on Amazon.
Students will receive 1-1 support from TTD ECOM's instructors and Account Managers.
Stay updated through ACADEMY and TTDECOM Ltd.'s training channels.
Special offers when using Marketing services at TTD ECOM.
Priority invitation to attend TTDECOM's Events, Workshops.

Course Catalog

Amazon Market Analysis

This course provides comprehensive knowledge, skills, and tools to empower participants to independently conduct research and evaluate the business potential of products. It consists of 5 main modules: - Market analysis - Competitor analysis - Product niche analysis - Business potential assessment - Business planning

Amazon FBA Launching

This course, comprised of 6 meticulously curated topics by TTDECOM, delves deeply into the strategies essential for successfully launching products on Amazon: - Market research - Setting up a seller account - Inventory & supply chain management - Building and optimizing product listings - Integrated marketing strategies - Troubleshooting and issue resolution

Amazon PPC Advertising

Offering comprehensive knowledge and skills, this course equips participants to execute various forms of PPC advertising on Amazon effectively. Topics covered include: - Types of PPC Ads - Efficient keyword research - Monitoring and optimization - Practice alongside TTDECOM experts


Expert Team

Mac Bien

Our Founder & CEO is a leading expert in multi-channel sales, bringing breakthrough and success to businesses.

Phan Thanh

A reliable Marketing expert, with the ability to optimize processes and ensure maximum operational efficiency.

Nguyen Thinh

Experienced Account Manager specializing in registration, brand management, and account management.

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